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Helpful Hints

  For Your Protection
• Always ensure all your contractors are Fully Licensed,
  Insured and are WSIB compliant.
• Our staff will ensure the work area is covered with
  drop sheets and they will wear booties to protect
  your home.



Toronto, East York,
North York, Riverdale, Beaches,
Victoria Village and Scarborough

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  Helpful Self Hints
• Know where your main water shut-off is. Make sure it is
  in working condition so that your water supply can be
  shut off in an emergency.
• Donít forget to shut off the water to your outside hose
  taps in the fall months. Most importantly Ė disconnect
  the garden hose. If left connected, the water in the
  hose can freeze and expand causing the faucet and
  connecting pipes to freeze and break.
• Ensure your humidifier water supply valve has a
  proper handle so that it can be shut off when required.
• Due to the increase in water bills it is more important
  than ever to watch out for and have repaired those
  leaks and drips from taps and running toilets.
• Use strainers to help prevent hair, soap and debris
  from clogging your drain lines.
• If you must hold down the toilet handle or jiggle it, you
  may need to replace tank parts.
• Grease is NEVER meant to be disposed of down
  drains. This can cause drains and pipes to
  become clogged.
• Ensure your yard drains, gutters and downspouts
  are cleaned and clear of debris.

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